Letters to the Editor for August 11, 2013 Catholic institutions, Good Samaritan, and immigration

Editorial: Who is my neighbor? It’s undeniable that this trial goes beyond race and begs us to examine our ...

Opening the Word: Jesus the Samaritan?

Opening the Word: Jesus the Samaritan? Parable of the Good Samaritan reminds us of God’s unconditional mercy and love

Catholicism in the Age of the Cell Phone Imagine the Good Samaritan with a cell phone at his ear

'Be merciful as my Father is' Good Samaritan understood the risks, yet he responded, just as we should to people in need

Opening the Word: Who is my neighbor?

Opening the Word: Who is my neighbor? Jesus was the Good Samaritan who descended from heaven and became man to save us all

In asking for drink, Jesus wants to share troubles Author explains how Scripture scene with Samaritan woman at the well has more depth

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