Following the GIRM?

Following the GIRM?

Survey says: Split persists over new translation

Survey says: Split persists over new translation Commissioned report suggests many priests are unhappy with the changes implemented in 2011

Daily Missals

Daily Missals

Memorial Acclamations in new Roman Missal

Memorial Acclamations in new Roman Missal All of the acclamations must speak directly to Christ, for he is present on altar ...

The Roman Missal

The Roman Missal Is it thumbs up or thumbs down on the second anniversary of the new edition?

Reflecting on the Roman Missal translation It’s been a year — how are Catholics adjusting to saying ‘and with your spirit’?

How to forgive

How to forgive Forgiveness is a gift from God that allows us to put away anger and resentment

Beyond the pulpit

Beyond the pulpit To fully understand and learn Catholic teaching, it’s important to seek resources ...

The Precious Blood

The Precious Blood It is forbidden to reserve consecrated wine; true sacrament is received under either ...

The New Translation

The New Translation Reflection after three months.

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