‘Bella’ actor opens L.A.pro-life medical center Eduardo Verastegui wants Guadalupe Medical Center to be “an oasis of life”

Opening the Word: Pentecost Sunday celebrates unity brought by Holy Spirit

Opening the Word: Pentecost Sunday celebrates unity brought by Holy Spirit Pentecost Sunday celebrates the unity and peace brought to the Church through the Holy ...

Catholic radio, TV draw large senior audience Programs with daily Mass, news and entertainment foster a sense of Catholic community ...

Charities, programs focus on senior needs Programs provide older adults with companionship and a range of medical and nonmedical ...

Church ensures that those with food intolerances have access to Eucharist Low-gluten hosts are available to Catholics diagnosed with celiac disease, allergies ...

Debate continues on whether brain death signifies end of life Ethical and medical questions persist as to whether brain death truly marks the end of ...

Editorial: Caring for poor is non-negotiable ‘We need ... a healthy anxiety in face of the fearful misery there is in the world.’

The persistent crisis

The persistent crisis Why dismiss as cover-up a groundbreaking example of institutional transparency and ...

Letters to the Editor for June 12, 2011 Poverty, animals, Pope John Paul II, and Catholic social teaching

Baptism of the dying

Baptism of the dying A deathbed baptism is a unique situation regarding who can receive and perform the ...

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