Yuletide memories

Yuletide memories Grace of God wraps itself up in our recollections of ordinary moments made ...

Learning what to say in the marriage debate

Learning what to say in the marriage debate An expert offers tips on how to defend the Church’s stance on marriage.

Confession: A great opportunity to get right with God

Confession: A great opportunity to get right with God The number of Catholics going to confession has plummeted. What will it take to get ...

Gaza conflict has ended, but for how long? Lack of leadership, lack of long-term strategy and lack of mediator leave little room ...

Letters to the Editor for December 16, 2012 Election 2012, cafeteria Catholics, and meatless Fridays

Priesthood of baptized

Priesthood of baptized Believers are called to sacrifice, heed Word of God and exercise authority over their ...

Couple finds fulfillment in helping disabled Joseph Angelo’s son John, who has Down syndrome, inspired him to become an advocate.

The measure of true happiness Material goods may give us some pleasure, but they aren’t on par with service to ...

Editorial: Seeking a star of peace The Vatican’s statement urged both Israelis and Palestinians to restart peace talks in ...

Reviving old prejudices

Reviving old prejudices Claims that Lincoln’s assassination was result of Catholic conspiracy don’t hold up to ...

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