Special blessings for special-needs children

Special blessings for special-needs children Resources available for parents, parishes to help prepare disabled for Church’s sacraments

Editorial: Let the children come

Editorial: Let the children come Catholic groups increasingly have been looking for catechetical expertise, tools and ...

Welcoming those with learning disabilities How to help them feel welcome and make sure their needs are met

Improvements are still needed in serving special-needs Catholics Welcoming people with disabilities makes us a more complete community

The Child with Low Intellectual Functioning or Learning Disabilities How to approach the catechesis of children whose learning differs from that of their ...

Meeting Special Needs in the Early Childhood Setting We should always send the message that all are welcome in the community of God’s people

A New Spring in the Church: Working With the Special Needs Population

Teaching children abstract concepts

People with Differing Abilities Accommodate people with disabilities

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