Tubman pick divides Americans

Tubman pick divides Americans Not all are eager to see her become the new face of the $20 bill

Franciscan sister cooks up a victory Sister Alicia Torres wins $10,000 on the Food Network show 'Chopped'

Retailer goes dark during Black Friday We applaud the effort to get people to focus on something other than consumerism

Seeing red? Remember temperance is a virtue

Seeing red? Remember temperance is a virtue Moderation is key to treating our bodies as the temples God gave us

Wanted: ‘Fifty Shades’ of shame Millions of people are lining up to watch a depiction of sexual bondage and violence

Have we become slaves to our screens?

Have we become slaves to our screens?

Are good deeds the exception? One of the fascinations of the Internet is that sites like YouTube have the ability to ...

You can’t take it with you The treasures of earth are superficial and fleeting

YouTube video laments ‘oversharing’ Sharing too much information on social networks

Babies recognize, retain sounds in utero You never know who's listening

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