Six years ago last October I became the editor of TCA. Since that time, I’ve learned volumes about our Catholic faith while helping our readers get their questions answered.  

I’ve had the deep satisfaction of hearing from many of you about how the magazine has strengthened your faith and encouraged you to broaden your knowledge of God. Of course, I’ve occasionally heard from readers who thought we missed the mark in an article or column, and I’ve learned a great deal from them as well. 

All in all, it’s been a fabulous six years for me personally and professsionally. 

Back in the summer of 2008 I took on a new challenge: the opportunity to return to the college classroom and help young adults grow in their knowledge of God. I’m now in my fourth semester of teaching at Southern Catholic College in Dawsonville, Ga., and that experience, too, has been richly rewarding. The students here are full of faith and eager to go deeper with God. 

Meanwhile, my work with the magazine and with the students has been mutually enriching. They send questions to the magazine, and the magazine provides them enlightening reading. 

Some months ago, however, it began to be clear to me that as much as I love both editing this magazine and teaching these young adults, I couldn’t continue doing both. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to invest myself as fully as I would like in both sets of responsibilities. 

After months of struggling with the issue, I’ve decided that I must give up my editorial work with TCA and focus on my students’ needs. It was a tough call to make. But I know this is what I must do. 

Let me thank you all warmly, then, for helping TCA fulfill its mission of answering questions about all things Catholic. Your queries continue to be the magazine’s lifeblood. 

My prayers will be with you and with the new editor, Matthew Bunson, in the days to come. 

In the meantime, I ask you to keep my students and me in your prayers as well. A new generation of bright, faithful Catholics is taking their place in the Church. My focused mission now will be to help equip them for the immense challenges they face. TCA

Paul Thigpen is the editor of The Catholic Answer and professor of theology at Southern Catholic College in Dawsonville, Ga. You may e-mail him at