For Father’s Day: 5 tips for dads, a virtual retreat and more!

In anticipation of Father's Day this weekend, Our Sunday Visitor would like to take the opportunity to thank fathers and encourage them in their vital vocation. Fathers play such an important role in the lives of their children. They are, as one of this week's stories from OSV Newsweekly said, the "first models of the Faith."

The story by Scott Alessi stresses the large influence a father's faith life has on his children and provides five helpful tips for Catholic dads:
  1. Make time for your kids: Your children know your time is valuable, and just taking a few hours out of your busy schedule to be with them will show them how important and loved they are.
  2. Be a loving husband: Being a good parent also requires having a strong marriage, so sometimes a dad needs to take time away from the kids for a date night with his wife.
  3. Don’t fear intimacy: Being masculine doesn't mean you can’t be intimate with your family. Dads can still be a strong leader in the home while also being loving and nurturing.
  4. Let your kids see you make mistakes: Children can learn a lot from seeing that their fathers aren't perfect. It is OK to show your flaws and say you're sorry, and it can provide an opportunity for the whole family to go to confession.
  5. Ask for help: The best way to know what the family needs from their dad is just to ask. Fulfilling their needs shows strong leadership, but asking for their input conveys a sense of humility as well.

As we celebrate fathers this weekend, here are some other helpful resources:

Jennifer Rey is the web editor of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing.