Seven Things Tuesday: Getting ready for Holy Week Holy Week is coming! Here are seven online resources as you prepare for the spiritual journey:
  1. From the USCCB, “Eighteen Questions on the Paschal Triduum.” It’s an FAQ with common questions and helpful answers about Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Also from the USCCB, you can find the rubrics for the Easter Vigil — including for the Service of Light’s “blazing fire” and the Pascal Candle.
  2. Apps for Holy Week: Pauline Books and Media offers the Stations of the Cross app. Little iApps has the Confession app. Both are available for iPhone and Android. And of course we had a Top Ten list on the Daily Take Blog.
  3. On, you’ll find two versions of the Stations of the Cross: St. Leonard’s Way of the Cross and Stations of the Cross for the Elderly. Read Woodeene Koenig-Bricker’s article about the origins of the stations, too.
  4. For families with young children, Lorene Hanley Duquin shares ways to make Holy Week memorable in ways that kids can understand. Also, has some excellent resources.
  5. Bookmark the web site, where you’ll find news and live webcasts of Holy Week Masses with Pope Francis.
  6. Read it online or download: “Your Guide to Holy Week” recounts the history and practices; shares 12 ways to make Holy Week more meaningful; highlights Holy Week customs; and pops a quiz.
  7. Okay, maybe you’re too busy for all that reading. Busted Halo helps us out with their video, Holy Week in Two Minutes:

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