Mass Readings: 2 Kings 5:1-15ab/Luke 4:24-30


In today’s first reading the author describes Naaman as a highly esteemed army commander who was respected, victorious, valiant . . . and a leper. How many of those around him, of those who knew him, would have put that last label first? Probably most. And how often do I do that to people I come across in my life? Probably a lot.

At work, in the neighborhood, in the parish, and even in an extended family, it can be easy to let one negative facet of an individual dominate the others part of who he or she is. He never picks up the check, she never offers to bring anything to the potlucks, they just drone on and on at office meetings. Christian love and that kind of pigeonholing aren’t compatible.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, help me see and encourage the good in others.