Mass Readings: Isaiah 7:10-14/Luke 1:26-38

Accepting the Incredible

Sometimes being familiar with Bible stories can work against us in appreciating them. The words of the angel in the Annunciation story in today’s Gospel provide one example. We hear or read them and think, “Of course that’s what the angel would say. That’s what was going to happen.” We don’t stop to consider the impact on Mary, who was probably at most 16. “Son of the Most High.” “The throne of David, His Father.” “Will rule over the house of Jacob forever.”

The meanings of these words aren’t lost on Mary: the Messiah her people have been awaiting for hundreds of years will be . . . her child! She has only one question; it’s about her virginity. Then, in the midst of this dizzying news suddenly dropped into her life, she quietly accepts. 

Prayer: Mary, teach me acceptance of life-changing events.