Mass Readings: Judges 13:2-7,24-25/Luke 1:5-25

The Gift of Children

Today’s readings from Judges and Luke tell the stories of women who conceived unexpectedly. Being childless has always been heartbreaking for both husband and wife. Our son and daughter-in-law know that firsthand; my wife and I know it through them. They applied for adoption, a year later were given a baby boy, had him for one night, and then the biological father changed his mind. Two months later, they had a baby girl in their home for four nights, then the birth mother changed her mind. They were devastated. But their faith was strong, the faith they so deeply wanted to pass along to a child.

At last they were given a boy, whom they named Jairun. He turned 1 this past June, a shameless and highly skilled flirt. Jairun is lucky . . . and God is so good. 

Prayer: Dear God, thank You for the gift of children, however they come.