Mass Readings: 1 John 5:5-13/Luke 5:12-16

Lepers among Us

I never knew how full of pride I was until I got mumps as an adult. My face had ballooned, I felt horrible, and when my husband took one look at me he burst into involuntary laughter. It was humbling. I remember hiding out until I was better. I might be contagious but also I didn’t want others laughing at me. I felt like a sort of leper.

The Lord cures an actual leper in today’s Gospel. He reaches out, touches him, and heals him. The cured leper could now begin a new life and rejoin society. The man had been not only healed by Jesus but accepted by Him. This reading makes me question how I’m imitating Christ. Who are the “lepers” in my life, the people I don’t want to be around?

Prayer: Dear Lord, give me the courage to reach out to those I sometimes want to avoid.