Mass Readings: Isaiah 35:1-6a,10/ James 5:7-10/Matthew 11:2-11

Pain with Purpose

Every now and then a verse of Scripture leaps off the page, dances in front of my face, and whispers, “This one’s especially for you today.” Today it’s a verse from Isaiah: “Then shall the lame leap like a stag.” In a few months I’ve gone from walking normally with only the usual septuagenarian aches to hobbling painfully 10 or so steps at a time.

Leaping like a stag sounds pretty good, although I’d settle for just being able to play racquetball again. But I know that “then” may not happen in this life. I’ll have to be OK with that. I’m fortunate enough to also know that I can unite my pain with that of Christ and offer it for whatever or whomever I choose. That gives it purpose. 

Prayer: Jesus, thank You for giving me a purpose for pain.