Mass Readings: Isaiah 48:17-19/Matthew 11:16-19

Can’t Be Pleased

For the most part, I enjoyed parent conferences in my 30 years of teaching eighth grade at the same Catholic school. By the third kid of the same parents, we were on a first-name basis. As the years went on, sometimes the parent of a current student was one of my former students! But there would always be a couple parents who could not be pleased no matter what I did.

That’s the kind of people Jesus spoke of in today’s Gospel — people who aren’t satisfied no matter what God does for them. Or no matter what their pastor does. The pastor is too conservative. The next pastor is too liberal. The pastor is a dictator. The next pastor doesn’t give a firm direction. You can’t almost picture God rolling His eyeballs. 

Prayer: Dear God, may I not be a “can’t be pleased” person!