When disaster strikes: Prayer, how to help those in need

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, for those affected by the earthquake in Mexico, as wildfires continue in the western U.S., and for other international crises, please join us in prayer for all who may be affected.

Prayer of St. Augustine

Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight,
and give Your angels and saints charge over those who sleep.
Tend Your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
Rest Your weary ones.
Bless Your dying ones.
Soothe Your suffering ones.
Pity Your afflicted ones.
Shield Your joyous ones, and all for Your love's sake. Amen.

When disaster strikes

Whether a disaster happens in your own hometown or on the other side of the world, you may wonder if there is an authentic Catholic response.

The answer is yes.

The best thing you can do immediately after the disaster strikes pray for the victims of the disaster and for those who will come to their aid. Prayer is powerful and can do more to help than most of us could ever imagine, especially in those moments when we feel most powerless to help.

Download "Disasters: A Catholic Response" here for more ways to help, comfort and understand when something terrible happens.

Where to give

How to help in Puerto Rico

How to help Harvey victims

Catholic Charities of Florida

Caritas International

Catholic Charities USA, CatholicCharities.org, 1-800-919-9338

Catholic Charities (international), CRS.org, 1-877-435-7277

Catholic Relief Services, CatholicRelief.org, 1-800-736-3467

Help for hurricane victims (CRS)

Help for Mexico (CRS)

Catholic Near East Welfare Association, CNEWA.org, 1-800-442-6392

American Red Cross, RedCross.org, 1-800-435-7669

Red Cross Wildfire Relief

Montana Wildfire relief

Wildfire relief (several states)

Wildfire relief (Oregon, Washington)

Pontifical Council Cor Unum