Blaspheming Holy Spirit

Blaspheming Holy Spirit At the heart of this unpardonable sin is a person's rejection of divine forgiveness

Communicating Christ's love With persistence, children with autism can be instructed in the faith

Conceivably dangerous

A principled stand

A principled stand Recent example of a Catholic monarch's fidelity to conscience holds broader lesson

Justice on the agenda Issues of Catholic social teaching among major concerns for Congress, new administration

Letters to the Editor for January 4, 2009

Seekers of the truth

Seekers of the truth The Wise Men represent all people who acknowledge the heavenly gift of Jesus Christ

Turning the table

Turning the table Silly line in a silly sitcom speaks truth about problem with world of 'scientism' we ...

Year of peace

Unpacking the legacy of Cardinal Avery Dulles Former student sheds light on a prominent American theologian

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'