Why in the world would you choose to put the title of an article about the next pope on the July 22 cover of your periodical? Pope Benedict XVI is still in fairly good health and faces enough opposition from the politicians in the Church without you perpetuating it among the laity. I am disappointed with OSV to say the least.

Christopher Smith, Dimondale, Mich.

Praising Cardinal Wuerl

Re: “Determining the top candidates for papacy” (News Analysis, July 22).  

Why not an American pope? To quote Matthew Bunson, “Cardinal (Donald) Wuerl, 71, suffers from the deficit of being an American ... (emphasis added).”  

Is this a reason that he may not be elected to be pope someday? I see Cardinal Wuerl as one of the kindest, most knowledgeable, personable and intelligent of men in our time. 

I have been to Mass when he was celebrant in Washington, D.C., also have seen him on EWTN speaking to thousands of people during Masses and being interviewed in person. If I could vote when the time comes, I would vote for him, and I am an American. 

Name withheld, via email


Re: “Weighing the ethics of international surrogacy” (News Analysis, July 15). 

This piece could have weighed in on more ways using a surrogate mother can affect the genetic family. 

The surrogate mother’s tragic medical event and death following a depersonalized, unnatural gestation period just show the disordered criteria of “efficiency and functionality” (Evangelium Vitae) resulting in the objectification of women and children. As such, all involved are affected in some way. 

Kasandra Barker, Hot Springs, Ark.

God’s presence in our life

Thanks for the awesome story (“Road trips, heat stroke and detecting the hand of God,” July 22)

We used the sky-themed VBS this year, and on the first day we introduced “watching for God.” The next day, I asked if there were any God sightings. Of course, I was supposed to offer my own, but I really had to think! 

I’ve had some obvious God sightings in my own life, but you are right in that we miss a lot. Missing leads to forgetting, which leads to doubting and mistrust. I know I learned during our VBS week, and I hope the kids did, that no matter what ... trust God! 

Carla Hubbard, via email

Good job

Re: “Plea for political civility” (Essay, July 22). 

This piece encouraging more common sense, yet demanding support of the bishops regarding religious freedom and conscience protection, was one of Russell Shaw’s best columns. 

Leroy Schneider, Mitchell, S.D.