The most popular spot on our own parish website is Teaching Catholic Kids. Editor Margaret DeMatteo offers an ages-and-stages approach to the liturgical season with awesome craft and activity ideas, reflection questions, prayer and more. This site is perfect for catechists, homeschoolers, moms and more; be sure to bookmark this page on your browser.

CATHOLIC MOM | catholicmom.com
True to its name, this site offers a plethora of tips, tools and reference materials for Catholic moms. Daily features include the Daily Gospel Reflections, Tech Talk and Book Notes. On Sunday, new Lectionary-based activities are posted, and there is a weekly giveaway of Catholic resources. Founded by popular speaker and writer Lisa Hendey, catholicmom.com offers moms various ways to connect and build community by joining in book-club discussions or the Small Success linkups.

CATHOLIC DADS | Catholicdadsonline.org
This website is a great spot for Catholic dads looking to build community and strengthen their Catholic faith in the process. The topics include guy-focused themes such as work and finance, family life, culture concerns and more. Yet, catholicdadsonline offers more than just static content: it is a place to engage with other fathers who may share your same interests and concerns. If you’re a Catholic dad, visit this site and be sure to check out the community sections.

CATHOLIC ICING | catholicicing.com
In my house, we talk about kid time versus real time. Kid time is all about finding something to do in 20-minute increments; the smaller your kids the shorter their attention span. One great way to pass the time — and give your faith a boost — is to visit catholicicing.com. This website is loaded with kid-friendly crafts for the beginner all the way up to the pro. Lacy Rabideau offers clear instructions and numerous ideas for tiny hands.

EQUIPPING CATHOLIC FAMILIES | equippingcatholicfamilies.com
This site offers family activities, seasonal crafts, reading recommendations and more. Updated often, Monica McConkey also provides links to other sites (such as Pinterest), excellent Catholic resources and family-friendly catechetical materials. Equipping Catholic Families shares plenty of ways to involve your whole family in actively being Catholic.

CATHOLIC FOODIE | catholicfoodie.com
This hip and timely site offers recipes, food blogs, cooking tips and more, all within the context of our Catholic faith. Jeff Young’s goal is to us understand “how food — good food — can be a sign of God’s love and care for each of us and our families.” Food brings families together. Be sure to bookmark this site for the seasons of Advent and Lent and any time you’re looking for fresh and wholesome family recipes.