Mass Readings: Isaiah 56:1,6-7/Romans 11:13-15,29-32/Matthew 15:21-28

For the Dogs

Our family had a dog for many years. Cala was a big, loveable Labrador—and a hungry one. It was Easter morning and my wife and I had placed two dozen colorful Easter eggs out on the lawn, where the grass was high. When our three kids came downstairs, one of them let out the dog as usual. You guessed it: When it later came time for the Easter egg hunt, not a single egg could be found. Only Cala seemed pleased with things.

In today’s Gospel, a woman of deep faith reminds Jesus that even dogs get to eat the scraps that fall from the table. She was willing to settle for these scraps from Jesus, but in her humility was given the miraculous healing of her daughter’s illness, which is what she was after.

Prayer: Lord God, You fill the humble with good things. We praise you!