Mass Readings: Isaiah 6:1-8/Matthew 10:24-33

Heavenly Companions

One of the reasons I love teaching Shakespeare is the chance to talk about angels and fairies and ghosts. I always ask my students: “Are we alone in this room right now? Or are there spirits we cannot see?” We then discuss the Renaissance belief in unseen spirits, the casual acceptance that there are unseen spirits among us.

Today’s reading from Isaiah brims with angels. Active, holy, compassionate. I still remember my excitement as a second grader when Sister Lawrence Louise told us we each had a guardian angel. And that we should name our angel. I did so readily, making room for my newfound companion everywhere I went. My delight in angels never stopped. I love being part of a faith tradition that has plenty of room for the angelic hosts.

Prayer: Creator of all Life, thank You for the gift of angels.