Mass Readings: Acts 6:1-7/1 Peter 2:4-9/John 14:1-12

Living Stones

Today Peter calls us “living stones.” That meant nothing to me until one morning on a rooftop terrace in Italy. Before me stood the Duomo of Florence. Gazing at the church’s herringbone pattern of stonework, I reflected on Peter’s words and imagined myself being a stone in that cathedral. Then came more: Peter says, “Let yourselves be built into a spiritual house.” Who, me? An active, living part of God’s Church? I shrank back. Who am I to say “yes”? I have no strength. (True.) I’m not worthy. (Also true.)

I finally accepted this invitation when I realized that while I’m only one stone, I’d be missed if I weren’t here. So too with you. You’re a living stone who would be missed if you weren’t here. Together we’re building a spiritual house that will last for eternity.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your call to be a living stone. Help me say “yes.”