Editor's Notebook, March 7 — Pope's Holy Land trip canceled? Pope Francis makes a public confession. Big news for Archbishop Sheen. And lots of Lenten apps.

Happy first Friday of Lent. Don't forget: No meat today!

Now for some news: 

Pope Francis this morning met with members from the World Council of Churches, telling them the council has "contributed greatly to making all Christians aware that our divisions represent a serious obstacle to the witness of the Gospel in the world."

The Vatican will host a tribute to women in the Church tomorrow, March 8, called "Voices of Faith" — a concept born with the election of Pope Francis. 

Is the Pope's trip to the Holy Land canceled? Commonweal speculates on conflicting reports. 

And ... Pope Francis makes a public confession. Watch him here. 

From Zenit: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has some nice things to say about his predecessor. 

The Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation announced yesterday that medical experts who advise the Congregation for Causes of the Saints at the Vatican unanimously approved a reported miracle attributed to the intercession of Servant of God Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Should Pope Francis validate the miracle, Archbishop Sheen could be beatified. 

Mark Zmuda, the former vice principal at Eastside Catholic High School in Seattle who was terminated after marrying his same-sex partner, is now filing suit. 

The latest issue of OSV Newsweekly is online, including this piece about special-needs kids and the Church. An excerpt: "Faith formation can be an exercise in frustration for already overwhelmed parents who are forced to advocate on their child's behalf at every turn. The solution, experts say, is fairly simple: Welcome everyone, and create a network ..."

And: Still trying to get organized for Lent? This might help you. 

Finally, be prepared for Mass this weekend with help from Carl Olson. 

Have a great weekend!

Gretchen R. Crowe is editor of OSV Newsweekly.