Mass Readings: James 2:1-9/ Mark 8:27-33

Lose Your Life

Peter had a knack for being spectacularly right and spectacularly wrong. When Jesus asked, “Who do you say that I am?” Peter hit the bull’s-eye by identifying Jesus as the Christ. But in the next breath, he made clear he still had only the worldliest notions of what a Christ was. Peter, like the rest of us, wanted to get ahead in the riches and power department and like his countrymen, wanted a Christ who would deliver those goods. Instead, he was faced with a Christ who would go, not from rags to riches, but from rags to ruins.

So he balked, and Jesus had to deliver the toughest rebuke any of His disciples ever got. It was necessary though, because mammon and power are two of the biggest competitors for God in our hearts.

Prayer: Jesus, You showed Your greatness by losing Your life. Help me do it, too.