Homework from Pope Francis. Let’s make it a celebration "How many of you remember the date of your baptism?" asked Pope Francis in his weekly general audience yesterday. You can see a bit of a sly smile turning up the corner of his mouth. He knew the answer: not many. And yet, the day of our baptism is profoundly significant. God forgave all of our sin (both original and personal), endowed us with sanctifying grace and welcomed us into the living community of the Church. It is, as Pope Francis says, "a second birthday."

In this video from Catholic News Service, Pope Francis gives us some homework: Look it up and give thanksgiving to God. Let's celebrate it! The pope asked us to do this once before, so I asked my mom for my baptism candle. I wanted to light it on my baptism day like we did when I was little. It's not until Feb. 14 — which, by the way, is kind of awesome — but I am pretty excited. I may even make a cake. Will you join me?

Jennifer Rey is the web editor of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing.