Encounter with Christ is a completely new Sacrament preparation program for Reconciliation and Eucharist from Our Sunday Visitor!

Designed for use with children ages 7-10, this innovative, highly flexible program can be catechist-led at the parish, or parent-led at home.  It can be used in family gathered settings with age specific formation or parent-child interaction.  The program integrates families as critical participants in their children’s Sacrament preparation in all models. Building on the pedagogical and catechetical foundation of Alive in Christ basal curriculum, it may be used as a companion program or separately. 

The Child's Book

The Child’s Book draws the child and family into their parish community with a developmentally appropriate, visually engaging approach that is used in both catechist-led and parent-led sessions. Children come to understand the order the Rites, the signs and what they signify, and the meaning of the Sacraments in the larger context of our Catholic faith. Children and families are inspired and moved to full and active participation in parish life.


The Catechist Guide

The Catechist Guide was developed for sessions held in the parish. Each session has catechist-specific content provided in the background and planning pages. The guide addresses how children process and understand the primary signs and symbols of our faith explored within the session.  Special attention is paid to meet various learning needs by providing an option for adapting the activities in each session.


A connection to Confirmation for Restored Order is offered in every session. Before the children begin immediate preparation for Confirmation, they are aware of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit working in their daily and sacramental life.

Family + Faith Living & Celebrating Together Pages

If your parish chooses the catechist-led model, there is an integrated and intentional family piece for each session. This four-page resource evangelizes, equips, and affirms parents as they journey with their children toward the celebration of the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.


The Parent Guide

If your parish chooses the parent-led model, a Parent Guide is provided for you. This guide was created to evangelize, equip, and support a parent as they lead their child through a session. Written directly to parents, this guide will help parents work through the process with their child and accomplish the session outcomes. It provides everything a parent needs to teach the content of the session at home while staying connected to the parish.


Visit Sacraments.OSV.com

The Encounter with Christ website provides many ways to plan, organize, access, and download all of the various materials you will need. This makes it easy for you to customize your plan to suit your individual needs. Catechists and parents will find faith formation and development tools to help them acquire more catechetical skills and grow in their own personal faith journey.

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“I LOVE this! God’s plan for us, his infinite love and mercy, are conveyed in a delightful, inviting fashion. I don’t know of a single diocesan DRE who isn’t pushing toward helping parents to reclaim their role as first educators of faith for their children.”
Jayne Mondoy
Diocesan Director, Office of Religious Education
Honolulu, Hawaii