New OSV series revisits 'Foundations of the Faith'

If your New Year’s resolution is to become more educated on what the Catholic Church teaches and why, OSV Newsweekly is beginning a new series this week that you will not want to miss. Called “Foundations of the Faith,” this 12-part series will run once a month from this week (Pages 9-12, online Jan. 15) through December 2017.

Going more deeply than a basic overview of high-level aspects of the Faith, each In Focus will be an opportunity to immerse yourself into a more in-depth, foundational understanding of Catholicism.

This week’s piece, for example, looks at how Catholicism compares to and contrasts with other religions. Other installments will focus on topics such as how God reveals himself through creation; at divine revelation in both Scripture and Tradition; at the mystery of the Trinity; at the importance of being a member of the Church, beginning with the domestic church of the family; on personal vocation; on Catholic morality; on obedience and conscience; the call to love which leads us to act for the common good in society; prayer; the communion of saints; and eschatology, or the study of the last things.

The content in each installment has the bonus of being approved by a censor librorum, which guarantees the factual accuracy of the doctrinal content.

The series is excellent for personal study or for use as part of a faith formation study group. If you’d like to order extra copies (full-color, four-page printouts) of individual In Focus sections, or of the entire series, please call 1-800-348-2440, ext. 2171.

* * *

Also, as we enter a new year, I’d like to take the opportunity to remind you of the many great catechetical offerings produced by OSV. In addition to OSV Newsweekly, which is the only national weekly Catholic newspaper remaining in print, OSV also produces The Priest magazine for clergy, which acquired a new editor last summer and will re-launch in April with a fresh design. We are very excited about this new initiative and about continuing to provide priests with the resources they need to foster their human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation.

A third periodical produced by OSV is The Catholic Answer magazine — a wonderful catechetical and apologetic resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the Faith and how it intersects with today’s culture. TCA also boasts a new editor who is passionate about understanding the Faith and sharing it with others.

To subscribe to any of these fine publications, go to Also, be sure to find and follow each on social media. In addition, check out our many other editorial offerings, from books to parish resources, at

What better way is there to begin 2017 than with a resolution to learn more about your Catholic faith? OSV, in so many ways, is here to help.