Mass in the home?

Q. Does the Church have a position on saying Mass in a private home? A retired priest lives near our parish and says Mass in his home. A few people who do not seem to like our liturgies attend it, and this causes tension.

A. Here’s a reply from Msgr. Charles Pope: 

There is not a juridical problem here. However, home Masses ought not be conducted without the approval of the territorial pastor. Many dioceses have limited the celebration of home Masses, which used to be very popular. Masses are best celebrated in a church or oratory, at the dedicated altar, and so home Masses should only be celebrated for serious pastoral needs.

However, the norm can allow for a retired priest to celebrate in his home (especially if he has mobility issues) and a few of the faithful can attend. So, if the local pastor and diocesan norms permit, what you describe is allowable as a pastoral provision for a retired priest. As for the tensions you describe, it is unfortunate, but allow the two priests to work that out.