The ethics committee of New York's Empire State Stem Cell Board recommended last month to use state funds to reimburse women who donate their eggs -- at great, and not yet fully understood, physical risk -- for research purposes.

Father Thomas Berg, a priest of the New York archdiocese who serves on the committee, is alarmed:

"Such aggressive monetary reimbursements have been disallowed in most states, including California and Massachusetts, both of which are enthusiastic about stem-cell research," he wrote June 2 at National Review Online. "Even the University of Pennsylvania ethicist Arthur Caplan, a pro-cloning advocate, thinks paying women for eggs is a bad idea: 'The market in eggs tries to incentivize women to do something they otherwise would not do. Egg sales and egg rebates are not the ethical way to go.'"

Where are the women's rights groups now? Where's the outrage? Poor women will be sacrificed. And the taxpayers will foot the bill.