Valentine’s Day is one of those high-pressure holidays. We try to make it memorable. We try to make it special. And that can be challenging because celebrating the martyrdom of a Catholic saint by exchanging pre-printed Barbie valentines is kind of a tough sell.

My advice on Valentine’s Day: keep it simple. Go around the dinner table and tell one another three things that you genuinely love about each member of your family. Be specific. Be sincere.

But don’t stop there.

After everyone has finished, go around the table one more time. Make eye contact. Remind one another that —with or without those attributes you just shared— you are all loved with no strings attached. Your love for one another as a family is unconditional. You love each other just because. Just like God loves all of us. I guarantee it will make for a memorable Valentine’s Day. As for special? Who said it’s something you can only do on February 14?