Mass Readings: 1 Corinthians 3:1-9/Luke 4:38-44

Love in Action

It’s ironic that St. Gregory the Great (d. 604), whose feast we celebrate today, is almost always pictured in ornate, decorative garments and a golden miter. It’s true this pope was a brilliant leader and prolific author who reformed the liturgy and perfected the position and responsibility of bishops. But he was also a simple monk who yearned to live the monastic life and wanted nothing to do with affluence or titles.

Known for his down-to-earth preaching and application of Gospel values to everyday life, St. Gregory stressed: “The proof of love is in the works. Where love exists, it works great things. But when it ceases to act, it ceases to exist.” From St. Gregory the Great we learn the value of obedience to duty, and prayerful trust in God’s vision for our lives.

Prayer: Grant me the grace to follow You, O God, wherever You lead me.