Mass Readings: 2 Samuel 7:18-19,24-29/Mark 4:21-25

Growing the Kingdom

This year my husband and I moved from a suburban house on four acres to an urban apartment. We’ve gone from taking care of all that land to tending a small terrarium in the living room. We’re certainly growing less plant life, but the real question is “How are we now growing God’s Kingdom?”

Recent Mass readings focused on the sower and the seed and stressed that the seed is in God’s hands. Only He can provide abundant growth. Today’s Gospel shows God’s rule of growth: the measure in which I hear God’s word and respond to it marks how much I will grow spiritually. This urban setting offers me new opportunities and challenges. What is God saying to me right now? How do I respond to it?

Prayer: Lord, let me hear Your voice and show me what to do next.