Lectio Divina Bible Study: The Creed in Scripture

New Bible study explores how Scripture built Catholic Creed

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, February 15, 2013 – While the Creed is proclaimed by all Catholics, some utter the words mechanically without giving thought to their content and real meaning. A new Bible study delves into the scriptural origins of each part of the Creed, so modern Catholics can understand and live it better.

Lectio Divina Bible Study: The Creed in Scripture, by Stephen J. Binz (Our Sunday Visitor, 2012) combines the age-old practice of scripture immersion known as Lectio Divina – studying the historical, theological and biblical perspectives – of the Apostles’and Nicene Creeds, beliefs central to the Catholic faith. The Creed in Scripture leads readers through the Creed sequence with concurrent reading of corresponding Scripture, clarifying its meaning, reflecting on each passage,  then responding in prayer and action.

Pope Benedict XVI has encouraged all Catholics to become more familiar with the Creed during this  Year of Faith (October 2012–November 2013),  even to memorize it.  Knowing the line-by-line verbiage along with the scriptural source helps Catholics to not just recite words, but interiorize their full meaning and live them.

 “All the truths proclaimed in the Creed are scriptural,” states Binz. “This study provides a timely opportunity to reflect on the truths that we profess.”


What others are saying about Lectio Divina: The Creed in Scripture

“If faithfully read and prayed this scholarly and well-written guide will lead Catholic Christians into an ever deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and also an appreciation of the Gospel's joys and challenges. I recommend it highly.”
-- Rev. Msgr. Charles Pope, Pastor of Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Parish, Washington, DC

“Stephen Binz does a fine job of unpacking the riches tightly wound into this precious gift given by the Holy Spirit to the Church.” 
-- Mark P. Shea, Catholic writer and speaker, and regular contributor to Our Sunday Visitor

“In this user-friendly book, Catholic scholar Stephen Binz invites his readers to have an encounter with God through His revealed Word by approaching the text with faith, open-heartedness, reverence, and expectation.”
-- Most Reverend David L. Ricken, Bishop of Green Bay, Chair of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis

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About the Author

Stephen J. Binz is a biblical scholar, popular speaker, psychotherapist, and award-winning author of over 30 books, including the Lectio Divina Bible Study series (Learning to Pray in Scripture, The Mass in Scripture, and The Sacraments in Scripture)  published by Our Sunday Visitor.  Following graduate degrees at the Gregorian University, the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he has developed Bible studies in the church for over two decades and has offered numerous study trips and pilgrimages to biblical lands.