‘Let the Watchman Count on Daybreak’ Using vespers in the funeral rites.

‘Shepherd of the Whole Flock’

‘Shepherd of the Whole Flock’ Blessed John XXIII and an agenda for service

‘The Sky Is Falling’ Making sense of Mark’s eschatology.

Adjusting Our Perspective

Adjusting Our Perspective Homily Background for Second Sunday of Advent - Year C.

Are We Mindful of God?

Are We Mindful of God? Homily Background for Third Sunday of Advent - Year C.

Bad Religion

Bad Religion How We Became a Nation of Heretics

Grossing up a Wage Payment

Grossing up a Wage Payment A parish is responsible to withhold federal tax, FICA tax, and state/local tax

In the Christmas Story?

In the Christmas Story? Homily Background for The Nativity of the Lord - Year C.

Is It Over Yet?

Is It Over Yet? Voting the full Gospel agenda in the polling booth

It’s Still Advent

It’s Still Advent Homily Background for Fourth Sunday of Advent - Year C.

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